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Enjoy your shopping!!

24483 人間国宝 島岡達三 (塩釉ぐい呑) SHIMAOKA Tatsuzo

SKU 24483

Height 6.0 cm

Diameter 7.0 cm

Born in Tokyo as the eldest son of Yonekichi Shimaoka, a braid master in 1918, after graduating from the Ceramics Department of Tokyo Institute of Technology, he became a member of Mashiko's Shoji Hamada at the age of 27 after joining the army and demobilizing.

Tatsuzo Shimaoka is a writer who created numerous works in the field of folk art using a unique technique called "Jomon inlay" from his independence at the age of 35 until his death at the age of 88 in 2007.

When using the Jomon technique, the braid produced by his father, Yoneyoshi, was initially used, so it can be imagined that the idea was created from the environment in which Tatsuzo was born.

1996 Tatsuzo Shimaoka certified as a nationally designated important intangible cultural property holder (living national treasure).

A representative Japanese potter who looked up to Shoji Hamada as his lifelong teacher and established a method of Jomon inlaying using the braid made by his father.

He actively holds solo exhibitions and lectures overseas, and spreads folk art pottery to the world.