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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

24515  原田拾六  (備前茶盌) HARADA Shuroku

SKU 24515

Height 10.6 cm

Width 18.6 cm

Depth 11.2 cm

A potter born and raised in Ibe, a town of Bizen ware in Okayama prefecture.

After graduating from the Department of Agricultural Manufacturing, Faculty of Agriculture, Meiji University, he reaffirmed the charm of his hometown Bizen ware while looking at ceramics at galleries and decided to become a ceramist.

Then he built a small hole kiln and a kiln the following year and devoted himself to ceramic art in earnest.

He studied under Bizen's great meritorious person, Katsura Matasaburo, and studied Kobizen together to learn how to bake Kobizen and how to make ceramics that make use of the earthy taste of pottery clay.

It is the work of Shuroku Harada, who became a genius enough to make his teacher say "terrifying".