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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

24520 初代徳田八十吉  (古九谷敬慕丸紋花瓶)  TOKUDA Yasokich

SKU 24520

Height 45.0 cm

Diameter 25.4 cm

He studied traditional techniques such as Kutani ware, Yoshidaya ware, and Aka-e technique, and created his own deep glaze.

He is a leading figure in modern Kutani ware glaze, raising his second and third generation Yasokichi and also teaching Isokichi Asakura.

His work is highly regarded for his sophisticated coloring techniques and precise painting.

The patterns unique to Shochikuume and Kutani are studded, and the height is as large as 45 cm, which is very powerful.

There are 2 scratches, but the others are in good condition.