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Enjoy your shopping!!

24524 12代中里太郎右衛門 (絵唐津ぐい呑) NAKAZATO Taroemon

SKU 24524

Height 4.5 cm

Diameter 7.3 cm

Although he was the second son of Taroemon 11th, his eldest son went on a different path, and Shigeo took over the house. After learning the traditional pottery method, he became the adopted child of the Mutsuro family, a timber dealer. Rebuild the used Ochawangama kiln and build a new flame-type coal kiln.

In addition, in 1955, he completed the technique of tapping by making efforts for research and reconstruction of old Karatsu, which had been cut off for a long time since the excavation survey of the remains of the old Karatsu kiln was started, and in 1955 it was certified as a Karatsu ware intangible cultural property. Received the Purple Ribbon Award in 1967, the 4th Prize Ruihosho in 1969, the West Japan Cultural Award in 1970 (chapter), and was certified as an important intangible cultural property (living national treasure) by Karatsu ware in 1976.

Also, during this period, in 1959, he gained a degree at Daitokuji Temple in Kyoto, and became a retired man after worshiping Muan. I was absorbed in it.

Although he mainly produced tea pottery, he left behind works that brought out the characteristics of the tapping technique in vases and large vases, and also left excellent works in sculptural expressions such as lion figurines.