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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

24527 加藤唐九郎  (志埜ぐい呑(H24年 近代巨匠工芸展出品作)  KATO Tokuro

SKU 24527

Height 5.7 cm

Diameter 7.2 cm

Born in Mizuno Village, Higashikasugai County, Aichi Prefecture (currently Suihoku Town, Seto City). He tried to study and reproduce the ceramic art of the Momoyama period, but he was disqualified as an intangible cultural property due to the fabrication done in the Eihito pot case.

After the incident he devoted himself to making pottery. He created a ceramic wall that was a combination of building and ceramics. Ceramic wall is a coined word by Karakuro.

He also uses issues such as Ichimu, Ichimu, Wild Pottery, Yato, Togen, and Gen.

His sons Mineo Okabe (eldest son), Shigetaka Kato (third son) and his grandson Takahiro Kato are also potters.

It is a masterpiece with a beautiful scarlet color that creates a soft look in a moist atmosphere.