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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

24548 人間国宝 3代徳田八十吉 (耀彩壷「恒河」) TOKUDA Yasokichi

SKU 24548

Height 27.2 cm

Diameter 13.8 cm

Kutani ware living national treasure, the third generation Tokuda Yasokichi's latest work.

Works made after being certified as a national treasure, with gold inscriptions, are very popular.

In particular, this work is "Yosai", which was used only in his last years, and his representative design, "Kouga", is currently difficult to obtain.

The glaze tone created from the colors woven by the glaze is a work of art that will remain in posterity, in which all of his authors have been poured into it, which can be seen from the inscription of "Aya" in a place where no one can step on.