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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

24555 人間国宝 加藤卓男 (ラスター彩花入「森の精」) KATO Takuo

SKU 24555

Height 24.0 cm

Diameter 10.8 cm

He was exposed to the atomic bomb in Hiroshima when he was young, and despite suffering from leukemia, he made an effort to study Persian pottery with his indomitable spirit, and released various works such as reproduction of Persian pottery and restoration of Shosoin treasure.

During his lifetime, he left a brilliant achievement such as receiving the Medal with Purple Ribbon, designation as an important intangible cultural property, and the Oribe Award special prize even after his death, and laid the foundation for modern Mino ceramic art.

Reproduced Persian ceramics such as luster, sansai, and blue glaze by original study, and left a great achievement. At the same time, he received the MOA Grand Prize, which can be said to be the highest honor in the ceramic art world, and was designated as an important intangible cultural property holder (living national treasure). Takuo Kato.

Takuo Kato's Lustreware, created by adding Japanese sensibilities to the reproduction of Persian Lustreware, gives off a calm glow when exposed to light.

This work, which has an impressive beautifully colored lustreware, is one of the highest class of lustreware works.