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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

24582 人間国宝 14代酒井田柿右衛門 (濁手紅葉文花瓶) SAKAIDA Kakiemon

SKU 24582

Height 29.6cm

Diameter 21.0 cm

Inheriting the traditional Kakiemon style to the present day, he has further evolved the muddy hands established by his predecessor and presented wonderful works with outstanding descriptive power and high sense.

A work by a heavyweight [14th Sakaida Kakiemon] who has made great achievements such as being certified as a Living National Treasure of Arita porcelain.

[Autumn leaves] is one of the popular themes, which is drawn with a beautiful expression on a milky white turbid hand base with a light and relaxed brush stroke and a bright and clean color scheme without sarcasm.

A superb gem with well-proportioned modeling, colorful and realistic paintings, and the beauty of the margins while drawing densely.

Arita's 400-year-old work of the fourteenth generation continues to be highly evaluated and will continue to attract high attention in the future.

* Currently, it is extremely difficult to obtain the works of Sakaida Kakiemon, the 14th generation. Isn't such a masterpiece in a situation that is as close to being unavailable as it is difficult to obtain? Please take this opportunity to cherish it.