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Enjoy your shopping!!

24589  杉浦康益 (大山蓮華) SUGIURA Yasuyoshi

SKU 24589

Height 12.8 cm

Diameter 45.0 cm

It is a beauty of modeling that is full of vitality, created by materials, techniques and flames.

According to Sugiura, "In 1984, I moved to Manazuru Mountain in Kanagawa Prefecture, set up an atelier, and started growing my favorite flowers and flowers around me.

However, it was 20 years later that I realized the life of the flower. ”At one point, I was impressed by the very detailed structure of the flower when I looked into the details of the flower with a loupe.

Beautiful shapes such as naturally made petals and calyxes.

An amazing number of worms in a small flower.

By carefully disassembling and observing them and faithfully reproducing them on a large scale, I wanted to express "the strong energy seen in the ephemeral flowers".

The reason why I decided to make the flowers themselves from pottery instead of drawing them on pottery was because I was in awe of the shapes made by nature.

"I chose flowers as a motif not because I wanted to express the beauty of general flowers.

I wanted to express the form and variety of flowers and the elaborateness of the structure of the flower core.

Pottery is a means that can be expressed by making full use of materials, techniques, and fire.

In that sense, I think it is no exaggeration to say that the shape of flowers is for pottery. ”Unlike pictures, pottery that has a baking process has slightly different shapes of petals and staves due to the movement of flames. increase.

In order to express the flowers that are natural things, we are actively incorporating changes that occur by chance.

By minimizing the color, the works so far have emphasized the power of the modeling.

The beauty as a flower is more impressive in the new work with the addition of color.

Magnolia sieboldii → There are peony and magnolia sieboldii that can be felt between the floors of the first wind furnace, which is the turning point of the season, even in the refreshing atmosphere.

Peony is the king of flowers, and as it is said that there are no two kings in the country, it is used as a single flower, and white is preferred because it does not stain any color. During the Edo period, the tea ceremony was popular among daimyo nationwide, and the heart of a peony was said to represent the heart of Confucianism.

In addition, Magnolia sieboldii, whose red stalks are vividly reflected on its white petals, is difficult to obtain because it blooms in the deep mountains, and there is nothing to mention his name in old accounts such as Matsuya and Tennojiya.

As the oldest one, Matsudaira Harusato put it in the bamboo flower jar made by Enshu at the end of the Edo period.

A few years after the tea ceremony, the ambiguity is still in the bamboo hanaire, but he hasn't found anything other than these two records so far.

It seems that it has come to be used as a flower of the wind furnace naturally with the help of the modern age, the start of cultivation, and the development of distribution.

* It takes about 10 days to make the box.