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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

24757  市川透 (ぐい呑Memento mori) ICHIKAWA Toru

SKU 24757

Height 9.3 cm

Diameter 9.5 cm

Memento mori, a sake drinker from Toru Ichikawa, who studied under Professor Ryuichi Hidaki and made a brilliant debut.

An exceptional work full of originality, which is unique to Toru Ichikawa, who uses the supreme material of soil to shape ideas that overflow without stopping.

Based on the skull-shaped design "memento mori", a unique sake drink with two types of pink glaze with completely different textures.

"Memento mori" is a Latin word meaning "don't forget about death", and Toru Ichikawa looks directly at the death that comes to everyone and sublimates it into his own art.

A heart-shaped groove is engraved on the top of the head, and when used as a cup, it becomes a go-bowl bottom, which is a wonderful ingenuity.

* The latest solo exhibition at a famous department store.