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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

24868 黒田泰蔵  (白磁盛鉢) KURODA Taizo

SKU 24868

Height 6.9cm

Diameter 21.8cm

Taizo Kuroda (1946–2021) is known worldwide for his quiet white porcelain molding. Taizo Kuroda, who moved to Paris at the age of 20 and encountered ceramic art in Canada in 1967, will hold his first solo exhibition in 1982 after returning to Japan. Since 1992, when he first published his white porcelain work, this has become the center of his creation.

Taizo Kuroda's white porcelain works have a thin and tense outline, but on the surface, the potter's wheel that draws a soft and beautiful arc is seen, impressing the viewer with a certain presence of each work.

The writer likens making a white porcelain container to expressing "the words between yes and no." In other words, I think it's a way to share what isn't in words.