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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

24896  人間国宝 浜田庄司  (柿釉赤繪皿 (図録同手作)) HAMADA Syoji

SKU 24896

Height 8.7 cm

Diameter 32.6 cm

Studied under Hazan Itaya, a heavyweight in the modern Japanese ceramic art world, to learn the basics of ceramic art, and immersed himself in glaze research with Kanjiro Kawai, a master of the folk art world.

A work by Living National Treasure [Shoji Hamada] who is a world-famous potter who is still a collector all over the world as a world-famous potter who has pushed Mashiko ware, which is famous for folk pottery, into the art field.

It can be said that it is the true value of folk art pottery that pursues "beauty of use". It is a work that you can feel the ultimate folk craft beauty that Mr. Shoji Hamada aimed for.  

In addition to its design, it is a masterpiece that gives a sense of deep artistry.