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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

24898  人間国宝 中島宏 (青瓷ぐい呑) NAKAJIMA Hiroshi

SKU 24898

Height 6.0cm  

Diameter 7.0cm 

Hiroshi Nakajima, who built a kiln on the site of the old Yumino kiln in his hometown and won awards such as the Japan Ceramic Art Association Award, was highly acclaimed for his original works, also known as "Nakajima celadon", and was certified as a Living National Treasure.

Although he used Chinese ceramics as a model, he did not end up merely copying them, and this sense of dignity --- This piece of "Nakajima celadon", which was born from the artist's unique realm beyond his research, is a treasure of modern ceramics that approaches Chinese ceramics. treasure.