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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

24913  藤田喬平 (手吹香合「紅白梅」) FUJITA Kyohei

SKU 24913

Height 3.7cm

Width 7.2 cm

Depth 3.5cm 


This is the work of Japan's world-class glass artist Kyohei Fujita (1921-2004). It is a solitary glass art that has been highly acclaimed both at home and abroad.

This work is an extremely well-made "Kohakubai". The artist, who has continued to admire the splendid beauty of the Rinpa school, has reproduced the elegance and dignity of Korin Ogata's masterpiece "Red and White Plum Blossoms Folding Screen" with modern glass art. Countless red and white plum blossom petals are fluttering in a splendid manner, and the decoration is gorgeous with plenty of gold and silver leaf.

The artist was fascinated by the world of beauty created by Sotatsu Tawaraya and Korin Ogata in the Edo period, and is the person who led the Rinpa school into the world of glass art. I'm here.  

The sight of red and white plum blossoms fluttering gorgeously in a fantastic space that is gorgeously colored with gold and silver is truly a work that proudly presents the "beauty of Japan" to the world.