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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

24929 岡部嶺男 (瀬戸手ぐいのみ) OKABE Mineo

SKU 24929

Height 4.2-3.7cm   

Diameter 5.0 cm             

As the eldest son of Tokuro Kato, he has pursued the path of pottery since he was a child. Many of his masterpieces, produced through his unique training and devotion, have been collected in major museums nationwide.

Mineo Okabe, a solitary genius potter who made great achievements in the history of modern art in Japan. He produced many masterpieces of Momoyama pottery with his soul-dancing pottery techniques.  

This work is from the "Mineo Kato" era, but it is extremely rare and a masterpiece that can be said to be the gift of Mineo Okabe's pottery spirit. A masterpiece showing outstanding work that revives the aesthetic sense of good old Momoyama pottery in modern times while giving full consideration to the user's heart.