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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

24945  人間国宝 14代今泉今右衛門  (色絵雪花墨色墨はじき草花更紗文花瓶)

SKU 24945

Height 24.0 cm

Each side 12.0cm 


Born in 1962. Second son of Imaemon XIII. In 1985, he graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Crafts and Industrial Design. In 1988, he studied under Osamu Suzuki. In 1990, he was engaged in the family business of the 13th Imaemon. In 2002, he succeeded to the 14th generation Imaemon. The 14th generation Imaizumi Imaemon, who develops modern Nabeshima, develops the technique of "Sumihajiki" while centering on the technique of "Iro Nabeshima" passed down from his family.

Using techniques such as "snowflake ink hajiki", which is synonymous with the author, the stylish body and the sarasa pattern of grass flowers that are drawn tightly in the space fully convey the charm of Mr. Imaemon, the 14th generation.