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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

25067  加藤豊久   (志野湯呑)  KATO Toyohisa

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Height 9.8cm  

Diameter 7.8cm

Born in Toki City, Gifu Prefecture in 1962. While preserving the traditions of Mino since the Momoyama period, Shino ware is expressed in a modern sense, and there are many three-dimensional Shino ware works with a rough and dynamic style. His pottery works have beautiful curvilinear lines and careful shavings on the hills, giving a sense of delicacy. Mino Ceramic Art Shoroku Award Tea bowl exhibition Shoroku Award work preserved for a long time (Gifu Prefectural Ceramic Museum), Mino Ceramic Art Exhibition Chunichi Ceramic Art Award (red-purple glaze jar), Mino Ceramic Art Kikyo Award, Mino Ceramic Art Shoroku Award Chawan Exhibition Jury Special Award , Mino Ceramics Ikutsu Tomoko Prize, etc. Owned by the Sèvres Museum in France.