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Enjoy your shopping!!

25228  平櫛田中 (満徳恵比寿尊像(1970年 白寿) HIRAKUSHI Dencyu

SKU 25228

Height 17.0cm

Width 17.3cm

Depth 16.0cm

He moved to Tokyo in 1891 and studied under Koun Takamura. He developed his own unique style while being strongly influenced by his pupil Unkai Yonehara. At first, he mainly created Buddhist sculptures, and in 1912, he became a member of the Nippon Bijutsuin Academy.After that, he devoted himself to the study of sculpture, and in the Showa era, he began to create portrait sculptures, and even adopted the rich coloring of marquetry, which was modeled after the ancient method. Received the Order of Culture in 1937.

Denchu Hirakushi's style of painting wooden carvings was innovative at the time, and ``Kagami-shishi'' (1958), which is housed in the National Theater, is said to be the culmination of his work. In his later years, Denchu Hirakushi produced many wooden carved and painted statues of Daikoku Tenzon, which eventually came to be considered as Hirakushi's most representative works. This statue of Mantoku Ebisu was created at the age of Hakuju (99 years old), and was produced in far fewer numbers than the Daikoku Tenson statue, and both the wood carving and the coloring show a high level of mature perfection.