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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

25250  鎌田幸二 (窯変油滴酒盃) KAMATA Koji

SKU 25250

Height 4.5cm

Diameter 7.4cm

After graduating from Kyoto Prefectural Momoyama High School in 1966, he aspired to become a pottery maker and received guidance from Tadashi Shimizu. In 1971, he completed the major course at Kyoto Prefectural Ceramic Training School and became an instructor at the same school.He began researching Tenmoku at the Gojozaka joint climbing kiln ``Kanechu Kiln'', and not only reproduced classical works, but also searched for his own expression. In 1977, he resigned from his position as a training school instructor and devoted himself to making pottery, and in 1979, due to the suspension of his ``Kanekagama'', he built a gas kiln at his home. In 1988, he received the tutelage of Uichi Shimizu at a training session for inheritors of ``iron-glazed pottery'', an important intangible cultural property. *Major public collections: Kyoto Museum of Culture, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New Orleans Museum of Art, etc.