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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

25256  小山 冨士夫 (萩盃(昭和43年 鎌倉)) KOYAMA Fujio

SKU 25256

Height 3.6cm

Diameter 8.5cm

He has made a name for himself as a leading researcher in ancient ceramics, and is active as a potter himself while deepening his friendships with modern and contemporary craftsmen. The works of Fujio Koyama, who was active in creating works in various genres using his outstanding sense and skill as well as the vast knowledge he acquired through tireless study.

He was even more attached to Hagiyaki than anyone else, even going so far as to visit Hagiyaki at his own expense to conduct research in order to have it certified as an important intangible cultural property. It is a well-known story that he visited various kilns to create pottery and left behind many masterpieces. The soft shapes and warm texture are Mr. Koyama's unique artistry, and the work truly shows the artist's individuality. Mr. Koyama's sake cups, which have worked tirelessly to create sake vessels, are truly easy to hold and drink from. It is a result of a high level of artistic sense and deep knowledge of art, and is truly a masterpiece.