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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

25300  藤田喬平 (手吹飾筥 紅白梅) FUJITA Kyohei

SKU 25300

Height 16.5cm

Width 16.3cm

Depth 16.0cm

This is a work by Kyohei Fujita (1921-2004), a glass artist that Japan is proud of around the world. This is a unique piece of glass art called Kazariho, which has been highly praised both domestically and internationally. This work is ``Kohakubai'' with extremely excellent workmanship.

The artist, who has always admired the splendid beauty of the Rinpa school, has recreated the elegance and sophistication of Korin Ogata's masterpiece ``Red and White Plum Blossom Screen'' using glass art with a modern flair.This is an exceptional piece of work. It is a masterpiece that shows off the highest level of workmanship, with countless gorgeously dancing red and white plum blossom petals and gorgeous decorations with plenty of gold and silver leaf.

The author was fascinated by the world of beauty created by Sotatsu Tawaraya and Korin Ogata during the Edo period, and was the person who led the Rinpa school into the world of glass art, and this work also incorporates the gorgeous and bewitching worldview of the Rinpa school. I am. The sight of red and white plum blossoms falling gorgeously in a fantastical space glittering with gold and silver is truly a piece of art that proudly displays the beauty of Japan to the world. With a little creativity and decoration, you can easily enjoy a fantastic atmosphere at home.