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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

25331  人間国宝 加藤孝造 (志野徳利) KATO Kozo

SKU 25331

Height 13.0cm

Diameter 10.3cm

Living National Treasure [Kozo Kato] studied under Toyozo Arakawa, a great master of modern Shino, and continues to deeply pursue Momoyama Mino, producing masterpieces of traditional Shino, Kiseto, and Setoguro using semi-ground-type anagama kilns. ] Written by. This is a truly beautiful Shino work unique to Kozo, with beautiful colors and an outstanding texture, fully demonstrating the artist's high ability. This is a wonderful Shino work that boasts the scarlet color of the clay that can be glimpsed through the beautiful pink glaze, the splendid shape of the vessel that is highly appreciable, and the beautiful yet dignified scenery.