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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

25338  北村隆 (九谷焼花瓶) KITAMURA Takashi

SKU 25338

Height 31.0cm

Diameter 17.4cm

This is a prestigious piece of Kutani ware, which is representative of Japan. A rare and beautiful piece of gorgeous work by Takashi Kitamura, a traditional Kutani ware craftsman and a member of the Nitten Exhibition, Kutani Chikutaka Kiln and Takashi Kitamura. Qinghai waves are painted in gold on the earthenware, which has a rich texture. This means eternal prosperity. The heroic image of a flock of cranes flying through it is depicted. A tasteful work that combines tradition and modern style by a skilled Kutani ware artist. The great appeal of Kutani ware is that there are many different techniques and painting styles, and this piece also gives you a strong sense of Kutani ware. This is a masterpiece where you can fully enjoy the charm of Kutani.

Takashi Kitamura was born in Ishikawa Prefecture in 1946. He was certified as a Traditional Craftsman in 1997. He is a member of the Nitten Association, a member of the Japan Contemporary Crafts Artists Association, a member of the Ishikawa Prefecture Ceramics Association, a traditional craftsman certified by the Minister of International Trade and Industry, a member of the National Kitamaebune Study Group, and the chairman of the Nara Yakushiji Hokuriku Kowakai. His son, Kazuyoshi Kitamura, is also attracting attention as an up-and-coming young artist of Kutani ware. Kutani ware is not only well-known in Japan, but also highly praised as ``Japanese Kutani'' overseas. The "unique charm" of Kutani ware is the "expressive power of coloring" that is dynamically and delicately drawn using "five colors" of "red, green, yellow, purple, and dark blue." Kutani ware, which has a long history, is expressed in the vivid ``Kutani Gosai'' that perfectly harmonizes the dedicated passion and rich and delicate sensibility of the craftsmen who pour life into the clay and pour their hearts into the overlays. As Japan's representative ceramics, it is known not only in Japan but also overseas, and is supported by many people.