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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

25355  加守田章二 (1979 壷) KAMODA Shoji

SKU 25355

Height 43.5cm

Diameter 18.0cm

Fully displaying his unique aesthetic sense and artistic sense, he has appeared like a comet in Japan's modern and contemporary ceramic art world, producing innovative and wonderful works in a variety of styles every year. Although he was hailed as a ``genius'' and ``genius'' in the history of modern and contemporary ceramic art, he passed away at a young age. He left a strong influence on the ceramic art world after that, and the works left behind are the works of Shoji Kamoda, one of Japan's leading potters, and have been passed down to future generations through museums and famous collectors. The inlaid pattern has a unique beauty and a force that seems to hit the sky. This is a top-class work that requires no explanation.