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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

25306 人間国宝 11代三輪休雪 (萩焼盃) MIWA Kyusetsu

SKU 25306

Height 5.3cm

Diameter 7.2cm

The Miwa family has established the highest position in the world of Hagi ware and still enjoys great reputation and popularity. He is the younger brother of the 10th generation Kyusetsu Miwa (Kyukazu), whose Hagi ware has been recognized as an important intangible cultural property, and took over the Miwa family after his older brother retired. An excellent work by the 11th generation Miwa Kyusetsu (Jusetsu), who himself has been recognized as a Living National Treasure of Hagiyaki. He worked hard at training in traditional techniques under his older brother Kyukazu, and later studied under Handeko Kawakita. It is said that he studied tea pottery and worked tirelessly on his skills for 30 years until becoming independent, leaving behind many wonderful works that have been passed down to future generations.