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Enjoy your shopping!!
Enjoy your shopping!!

25319  北大路魯山人 (赤志野ぐいのみ(黒田識)) KITAOJI Rosanjin

SKU 25319

Height 4.3cm

Diameter 4.5cm

He was hailed as an unparalleled artist, and demonstrated his extraordinary talent not only in ceramics, but also in seal engraving, lacquer art, calligraphy, and other fields.

This is the finest work of Rosanjin Kitaoji, a great master of general art who has left numerous masterpieces and legends to the world.

This work is one of Rosanjin's most famous works, Shino Guinomi, and boasts an outstanding masterpiece.

The vessel stands tall and has a neat body, is a fiery scarlet color also known as Benishino, and the pattern on the inside is beautiful, making it perfect.

``Shino Guinomi'' is extremely popular and is Rosanjin Kitaoji's masterpiece.

These days, works of this quality are extremely difficult to obtain, so please take this opportunity to treasure them.