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Enjoy your shopping!!

25368  北村和義  (線描色絵金彩陶額 「ゾウ」) KITAMURA Kazuyoshi

SKU 25368

Height: 24.8cm x 34.6cm (including frame)

Width 18.4cm 33.0cm (including frame)

1974 Born in Kutani Chikuryu Kiln, Ishikawa Prefecture

Takara Tomy Choro Q 30th anniversary project Kutani ware Choro Q creation

2011 MADFOOT 10th anniversary project Kutani ware sneakers

PCJ Japan Porsche Club 13th anniversary commemorative plate creation

His work was featured on Nippon Television's "Sukkiri" and he appeared on it.

Appointed as contemporary art exhibition judge

Kazuyoshi Kitamura of the Kutani ware Chikuryu kiln not only creates traditional works, but also creates many innovative products such as sneakers, rhinoceros beetles, and false nails based on traditional techniques, conveying the diverse appeal of Kutani ware. ``I want to convey the charm of Kutani ware with an impact,'' he says.

This piece is also produced using traditional Kutani ware techniques. The pattern also utilizes traditional Kutani patterns and adds color using a patchwork-like technique. A traditional color known as Kutani Gosai is mixed with boiled seaweed to create a three-dimensional feel and enhance the texture. In addition, the careful and glittering handiwork shines throughout, including the use of real gold.

Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Japan Mastery Collection, a regional revitalization luxury brand originating from Japan, opened on December 22nd, and works are also exhibited there, making it a great success as a standard-bearer for Japan's leading Kutani ware artists. It's inside.

This is the work of Japan Kutani Kazuyoshi Kitamura, who continues to fascinate the world.

He is an author who will be attracting a lot of attention in the future.